A sensual, exciting & terrifying production fusing film, music, immersive design and theatre, Hellscreen follows an artist, his daughter & a collector on their descent into hellish greed & obsession.

by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm and Rachel Parish

Inspired by a classic Japanese horror story by Ryunosuke Akutagawa, set in the contemporary London art world, and featuring film director Susan Luciani’s live action film sequences and animation.

Director Rachel Parish

Designer Ana Ines Jabares Pita

Video Susan Luciani

Lighting Natasha Chivers

Composer Joe Hastings

Visual Effects Supervisor Lindsey McFarlane

Cast includes: Jonny Woo, Suzette Llewelyn, Vanessa Schofield, Andrea Ling

Film Production – Edit – Sound Mix – Picture Grade – VFX – by double barrel productions