The story of a moment, as told by the sun

From May to August 2020 I dedicated myself to a daily transcription of the story of a moment, as told by the sun. I unrolled a sheet of paper and, witnessing what patterns of light and shade fell upon it, offered myself in service of this story, inscribing upon the paper every detail I could, for a continuous duration of time.  It is impossible to catch it all; patterns evolve as the wind blows the filtering leaves on the trees, as people pass on the streets on the way to a protest, or to a parking lot for a socially distanced bike ride with their kids. My own children mostly ignore, sometimes join in, sometimes cast their own unique shadows, as I do with my body as it moves with the work. Each of these momentary presences is given the equal weight of my attention, the equal weight of the tool in my hand.  I am a servant and scribe to the light and shade of these moments.  Attempting and failing and returning to the task, I maintain the intention to care for what arises, to let each mark chart the shape of this moment, even as the moment moves, becoming the shape of what is passing, and what is to come. 

This series contains over 100 transcribed stories. Dimensions vary, but most range from 45″ x 30″ to 3′ x 30′.