Life with young children is full of energy, interruption, chaos, monotony, love and multiplicity.  The paintings in the series The Sacrament of Interruption are family indices of our experience, created in collaboration with my two young sons (3 and 6 years old), energetic physical creations with a swirl of mood, layers of being and discrete needs that punctuate the flow of our time.  I create parameters and we all work together.  Their interests and rambunctiousness alternately calls them and then me away.  In stopping to attend to various needs that arise, and then returning, these works refuse to view stopping and interruption as an obstacle to the creative process. Instead they embrace it as an engine. In submitting to interruption, the organic collaborative process produces the patterns of image with layers of shade, texture and intention.

Title: 2+7+60+4+countless 

Dimensions: 58” x 58”

Date: 2019

Materials: gesso, weeks, acrylic paint, house paint, scraped knees, wood panel, rules (broken), stories, tape, full on meltdowns, water, unabashed love