Stopping someone in a public place, I began with a story describing a touching and poetic experience in which I listened to a person wondering aloud about the things in life that were and what could have been.  After telling this story, I then asked the stranger what questions run around in their minds on a regular basis. I listened, recorded responses and engaged in thoughtful dialogue. I then invited them to write their question on my pregnant belly.  After doing so, I asked a nearby stranger to photograph it. I did this from the time I began “to show” until the last day of my pregnancy to provoke a connection between the sense of wonder that seemed easily accessible to people when they see an unborn child and the equal site of wonder that they inhabit themselves.  I used storytelling, empathy and reciprocity to orchestrate gentle yet disruptive encounters taking people on a journey through personal and abstract thinking to ultimately arrive with an enhanced sense of interconnectedness.

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