I Confess is a performance experience exploring empathy and intimacy in a structured improvisational and participatory performance. Through the experience, the roles of performer and audience, truth and fiction, and public and private spaces are subverted and explored. How it works: A confessional is situated in a public space with a sign and a person outside managing the encounter.  One audience member at a time enters the candlelit confessional. An actor, situated on the other side of the divide, is the confessor. Over the course of ten minutes the audience member is bestowed with two confessions, which range from tender to hilarious. One of them is true to the teller, the other true to someone else. Stories were gathered through online crowdsourcing. An opportunity is open at the end for the audience member to share a confession of their own. I Confess has been performed at venues ranging from Tate Britain to train stations, to critical and audience acclaim.


★★★★★ “…directed with a lightness of touch and delivered with a calm assurance which isn’t just rare, it’s almost unheard of.” –allthefestivals.com  

A one on one performance piece inside a confessional booth

“This is a smart, provocative and moving gem of a show, delivered with a lightness of touch and calm assurance which isn’t just rare, it’s almost unheard of…a little slice of utter, simple brilliance which will stay with you long after the lights go down…allthefestivals.com *****