Between the Lines is a series of paintings and ceramic tablets that render the silences within the pages of the US Constitution visible through a hand-transcription and excavation of the blank spaces between words and letters on each page. 

The four canvas paintings each stand 67” by 55.”  Their dimensions take the size of the original documents and magnify them one percent for each year since their writing (234%). 

The canvases are partially primed, with raw edges left on the surface, amplify the incomplete nature of the document we use to govern our country. Photographs of the original documents from the National Archives were projected onto the canvases and the spaces between words and letters are traced by hand with ink and paint.  

By mapping the absences, an ephemeral script is revealed that tells the history of our nation. This act of constitutional re-transcription invites us to approach the constitution, our history and our future, as a living, breathing space, in which the imperfect word and unspeakable truths continue to stumble together in a dance of becoming.

The series also contains broken Obsidian clay tablets in which I have incised and excavated the shapes of the absences within the Bill of Rights.