My performance and social practice meets people where they are and joyfully takes them on a journey that they might not have known they wanted (or needed) to go on.  I create and hold open safe spaces for people to experience communal feeling, thinking, and understanding. My work celebrates joy, mistakes and exquisitely fought for failures; it is a witness to human machines operating at full-tilt.  I use music, image, movement and silence as texts which can be wrought with the same precision as a turn of phrase. I champion collaborative practice, foreground borders as places of substance and create experiences for individuals to meet and listen, live and receive different points of view.  

Process-based, socially engaged and embracing everyday life, I build my work in whatever location and with whatever media are best suited for the endeavor.  I begin with people and live interaction and create multilayered participatory experiences that explore the terrain between different modes of communication, presence and absence, truth and fiction, audience and maker, empathy and reciprocity, the fluidity of memory, and concepts of identity.  The work creates spaces for active interrogation; rather than attempting answers, it aims to provoke questioning. This questioning is at the heart of the art: a dialogic practice encompassing both process and product. 

My professional practice developed largely within the context of British and European experimental theatre. At the same time, it has continually drawn inspiration from both visual arts and activist contexts; the work itself is very much cross-disciplinary.  I am driven to constantly interrogate, innovate and to push my own practice. Why? Because art is a practice arena for life. Through the acts of making, watching, playing and replaying, we, as a society, are offered a chance to stop and examine ourselves and the often invisible structures in which we live. 

My socially engaged practice is a reflection of my personal background; I was raised living in an informal safehouse.  In our home we practiced a life of radical hospitality and simply welcomed local and international individuals and families to live with us in times of crisis. Over one hundred people from all walks of life lived with me while I grew up.  This perspective is fused with my professional experience and colors my leadership and creative processes. Across all the work I do, I create collaborative artistic environments wherein people can get to know themselves and their communities in a deeper and interconnected way.