I love performances that make you feel, that make you think, that make you work as an audience member to understand yourself better.  I like joy and mistakes; exquisitely fought for failures; a human machine operating at full-tilt.

I believe music and image and movement and silence are all texts that can be wrought with the same precision as a turn of phrase in a text.

I like stories.

I like stories in which we recognize our own humanity.

I like endings that are not neatly wrapped up.

I like plays in which audiences who are familiar with theatre and those who have never before been to see a show can participate in experiencing a new understanding of themselves and their world.

I believe in the audience.  They are smart and feeling and full of creative action.  I believe that we as theatre makers owe them the right to exercise their own creativity alongside us.

I respect my collaborators deeply and strive to work with people who are smarter than me at all times.